Board of Directors

President, Donald Forgione
District 2 - Gainesville, Florida (2021-2023) Active FPS

Vice President, David Dearth

District 5 - North Palm Beach, Florida, (2021-2023) Active FPS

Secretary, Kiersten Wilson

District 1 - Pensacola, Florida (2021-2023) Active FPS

Treasurer, Scott Spaulding
District 2 - Cross Creek, Florida (2021-2023) Active FPS

Past President, Michelle Waterman
District 2 - Jacksonville, Florida (2021-2023) Active FPS

Director of Events & Park Support, Sandy Cook
District 2 - Crawfordville, Florida (2021-2023) Retired FPS

Director of Awards & Recognition, Willy Cutts
District 2 - Citra, Florida (2021-2023) Retired FPS

Director at Large, Jennifer Miller
District 2 - White Springs, Florida (2020-2022) Active FPS

Director At Large, Pat Wells
District 2 - Gainesville, Florida (2020-2022) Retired FPS

Director At Large, Doug Watson
District 2 - Fernandina Beach, Florida (2020-2022) Retired FPS

Director At Large, Terrance Torvund

District 4 - Naples, Florida (2021-2022) Active FPS

Director At Large, Katrina Boler

District 5 - Miami, Florida (2021-2022) Active FPS

Executive Director, Tom Linley

District 2 - Fernandina Beach, Florida (2021-2023) Retired FPS

If you are interested in being considered to serve on the board please contact Executive Director Tom Linley 

Mission - Supporting the Florida Park Service, while striving to perpetuate the FPS family atmosphere and provide assistance to past and present employees in need. 

Vision - Perpetuate the close family atmosphere of the Florida Park Service

Motto - Family, Service, Traditions

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