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Nomination for a James Cook Relief Fund Grant Award

Click here for a James Cook Fund Grant Nomination Form

Email the completed form to the FPSRA President. 

If there is an emergency situation such that a nomination form cannot be completed, please call Doug Watson at 352-874-3295 and he will receive the nomination via phone.

Eligibility for Grants shall be limited to: 

1. Members of the Association in good standing; current employees of the Florida Park Service; retired or former employees who had at least one (1) satisfactory year with the Florida Park Service and; active volunteers who have performed at least 1040 creditable volunteer hours with the Florida Park Service during the 12-month period immediately prior to the event for which the Grant is being considered. Association members shall be given priority in the approval of grants.

2. Grants may be awarded posthumously.  Only immediate family members (spouse & children) of the deceased are eligible to receive Grant Funds.  The Grant must be submitted no later than 90 days after the date of death.  

3. Only one Grant may be awarded to an individual for any single cause during any 12-month period.

4. No single Grant shall exceed five (5) percent of the balance of the Cook Fund when the balance is less than $10,000.00. When the Cook Fund account balance is greater than $10,000.00 no single Grant shall exceed $1,000.00.

5. Nominations for Grants may be made by any member of the Association or current employee of the Florida Park Service, either directly or through any member of the Board.  Nominations may not be made anonymously, and a person cannot nominate themselves.

6. Nominations for Grants are evaluated by the James A. Cook Humanitarian Relief Fund Committee (Committee).  The Committee Chairman is appointed by the President of the Association and approved by the Board.  The Chairman will select at least two other Association members, who may or may not be members of the Board, to serve on the Committee.  The Committee is a sub-committee of the Recognition and Awards Committee.

7. The Committee is responsible for evaluating the Nomination and determining if the Grant criteria is met. They will obtain additional information if necessary and decide if a Grant should be awarded and the Grant amount.

8. The recommendation of the Committee must be unanimous.

9. Changes to the James A. Cook Humanitarian Relief Fund Grant Nomination Criteria & Procedures may be made by a majority vote of the Board of the Association and the Committee Chair.

The James Cook Relief fund Committee will investigate all nominations to the best of their ability to ascertain a genuine financial hardship and recommend relief accordingly. Please remember that the illness, injury or property loss itself does not necessarily constitute a financial hardship especially if the employee has insurance covering most of the cost or has personal means to finance the situation. The fund is not intended to reimburse for ordinary expenses or losses but to assist those who will suffer a real financial hardship because of the situation.

Mission - Supporting those who serve Florida State Parks, past and present, by providing financial assistance, cultivating a family atmosphere, and perpetuating a spirit of unity and service. 

Vision - Supporting those who serve Florida's State Parks

Motto - Family, Service, Traditions

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