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2024 - Donald Forgione
2021 - Larry Perry
2018 - Tom Linley
2017 - Randy Hester and Danny Paul
2014 - Judi Maxwell
2012 - Doug Carter
2006 - George Apthorp
2004 - Sandy Cook
2000 - James Burch
1999 - Arnold Kuensler
1998 - Richard Domrowski
1996 - Pete Hartsfield
1993 - Ney Landrum
1991 - Ellison Hardee
1990 - Carlos Maxwell

The roots of the Carlos Maxwell Award reach back to the Civilian Conservation Corps era and a man who was a distinguished product of those times. Carlos Maxwell served in the Florida Park Service from 1938-1972.

Photo: Ellison Hardee interviewing Carlos Maxwell. 

Pictured L-R: Cliff Maxwell, Carlos Maxwell's grandson; William Maxwell, Carlos Maxwell's son; Carlos Maxwell; Ellison Hardee

The Carlos Maxwell Award may be bestowed upon any individual who has contributed significantly and dedicated themselves to the Florida State Park system and has been properly nominated. 

Selection Criteria 

1.     Nominees for the Carlos Maxwell Award must have been employed with the Florida Park Service a minimum of ten (10) years and have a record of faithful and honorable service.

2.    The recipient shall have demonstrated a high degree of competence in the areas with which he or she has been associated or assigned, and shall have advanced the park profession through personal innovation, foresight, planning and direct or indirect leadership.

3.   As evidence of achievement, the nominee must meet a minimum of one (1) condition in each of the two (2) following categories; and a minimum of five (5) altogether.

a.     Leadership/Committee Work

1.       Performed as an exemplary employee throughout his/her career thereby serving as a leader by example.

2.       Served as an officer at some time during his/her career in a professional organization such as Florida Park Service Ranger Association, Florida Institute of Park Personnel or National Recreation and Parks Association

3.       Served on a policy, management or representative committee of the Florida Park Service.

4.       Served as chairman of a committee of the Florida Park Service or park related organization.

5.       Served as an instructor for the Florida Park Service.

b.    Job Performance

1.       Served as a speaker, interpreter, moderator or panel member at least ten (10) times before groups in the interest of and for the promotion of the Florida Park Service.

2.       Authored one (1) or more articles published by a professional media.

3.       Conducted one (1) or more research projects pertaining to the Florida Park Service and written a report on same.

4.       Made an outstanding contribution to the profession which will affect its philosophy or practice, not included in the above.

5.       Actively promoted the Florida Park Service image and encourage co-workers to pursue it as a career.

6.       Promoted the social or family atmosphere tradition of the Florida Park Service.


  1. Nominations for the Carlos Maxwell Award shall be received in writing by the Chairman of the Awards Committee 30 days or more prior to the Annual Meeting in which the award is to be presented.
  2. Nominations may be submitted by any current member of the Association.
  3. The Awards Committee shall be responsible for evaluating the nominations and making the final selection of the recipient of the Carlos Maxwell Award. The committee chairman will notify the President of the selection.
  4. The Carlos Maxwell Award shall be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

Rev. 04-01-16

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